What does all mouth and trousers mean

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mouth, meaning "talk" rather than action and trousers, presumably at the time of origin a reference to masculinity, either as trousers as a male item of clothing. The definition is "superficial, engaging in empty, boastful talk, but not of real substance". It describes "all mouth and no trousers" as a corruption. "All mouth and trousers" is the kind of phrase you might have first heard on all mean the same thing: “all bark and no bite,” “all booster and no payload,” “all.

All mouth and no trousers - the meaning and origin of this phrase. Q From Pete Jones, Brussels: I have always known the saying as all mouth and trousers. But Matthew Parris recently wrote in The Times about. Someone who's all mouth and trousers talks or boasts a lot but doesn't deliver. ' All mouth and no trousers' is also used, though this is a corruption of the original.

Definition of be all mouth and trousers in the Idioms Dictionary. be all mouth and something, but are, in fact, not brave enough to do it: Don't be scared of her. If you say that someone is all mouth and no trousers, you mean that they often say they are going to do something impressive or exciting but never actually do it. Top definition. All mouth and no trousers KFJ: You're all mouth and no trousers, but I'd love to see you "hack a virus". by kung-fu jesus August 18, Apparently “All mouth and no trousers” and “All mouth and trousers” is a pairing of “mouth”, meaning insolence or cheekiness, with “trousers”.