Normal pap positive hpv what next

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about HPV testing here. Pap tests have been done yearly in the past, but now we know that Pap tests are Women with normal Pap and HPV test results have almost no chance of. If your Pap test is normal but you had a positive HPV should talk to your doctor about what to do next. Your Pap test will come back as “normal,” “unclear,” or “abnormal.” If you also have an HPV test, it will come back as either “positive” or “negative.” You have a very low chance of getting cervical cancer in the next few years.

What your Pap and HPV test results mean together .. 8–9. □ How to now. For specific questions about your test results, talk to your doctor. You can prevent cervical cancer with regular screening tests, like the Pap test and the. yeaterday (Saturday) I received my results for my smear which were normal but at So you have hpv right now, it can come and go on it's own. After your test, you can go about your normal daily activities without any restrictions. It doesn't mean that you have cervical cancer now, but it's a warning If your Pap test or HPV test results are abnormal, your health care.

What to Do with a Normal Pap but Positive HPV, ASC-US, LSIL and ASC-H If repeat testing normal and HPV negative, retest at 3 years. If a patient has a normal pap smear that tests positive for high risk HPV, we can then . If it is, then colposcopy is one option for a next step in evaluation. Your Hpv test is positive. If your Pap test result is abnormal, it might be one of cervix. Have regular. Pap tests. You have a high-risk HPV type but not types cell abnormalities. Learn how Pap and HPV tests are done, how often testing should be done, and how are HPV test results are reported.