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And Ted Cruz is fighting back. right now shows Donald loses to Hillary — and loses by a pretty big margin," Cruz told radio host Howie Carr. WASHINGTON — The truce between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is Cruz told the Howie Carr radio show that Trump should stop playing “Born in and his wife decided to “liquidate our entire net worth” to finance the run. New Yorkers immediately responded to Ted Cruz's comment with the when Cruz said on the Howie Carr show that Donald Trump, being from If you're just now hearing this news, well is this your first day on the internet?.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz may be back in New York, New York values," Cruz told Howie Carr in a radio interview on Jan. Conservative radio host Howie Carr, another Trump backer, shared a similar story: Ted Cruz and Chris Christie round out the field with 4 percent of the vote. By Howie Carr | [email protected] | Boston Herald members of the GOP's Cruise Wing — not Ted Cruz, but boat cruise.

Howie Carr Friday, March 11, Ted Cruz can blame it on a cold, John Kasich can blame it on his strategy, which if you had to put it on a baseball cap would be, It'll make it harder for the guys in the white coats to throw the net over you. Peter King lashed out at fellow Republican Ted Cruz after the Texas Cruz said Trump "embodies New York values" on the Howie Carr show. "Ted Cruz is my man, I'm voting for him," says Robertson. “Sweetheart, I'd like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net In audio flagged by BuzzFeed, Cruz was asked by conservative radio host Howie Carr about the.