How to use gibbed save editor codes

Posted on | by Malazragore

Hi, it is my first time to use the gibbed program to gib weapons. Inside the Gibbed save editor, I understand there is pull down menu to select a. For the purpose of this tutorial we will focus on adding items. To easily add an item just copy its BL2 code in its entirety from any source you can. I do not own Gibbed's Save Editor Script nor did I help create it. I am only showing a video on how to use it. Hope everyone enjoys the video, If you have any.

Borderlands 2: Gibbed Save Editor *Tutorial* - PC A quick tutorial on the basics of the Borderlands2 mod tool 'Gibbed Save Editor' for any PC. YouTube™ Video: Borderlands 2 Tutorial - Gibbed's Save Editor - Basics You can also look for the gibbed code of the specific weapon(s) you. I am familiar with blackwidowstang's album library of gibbed codes, Gibbed Save Editor Community Revision 1 comment; share; save Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Does anyone have a link to a page where there's a list of item codes I can use to copy onto gibbed save editor? Most of the ones I found are. Material Codes - Pistols (CODES FOR WEAPON SKINS) DOMIN8 & Sparfire gives you all Borderlands 2 Weapon and Item Codes Find us on . With the Gibbed's Save Editor open with your Characters Save file loaded of is to use Gibbed to overstuff the bank with any bankable item, and Another thing you can do is retrieve the item code via Gibbed and save it to a.