How to detangle matted transitioning hair

Posted on | by Guktilar

If you're having trouble enduring detangling sessions with your transitioning hair, try employing a few of these methods. I'm sure some of you transitioning to natural hair are going through the ongoing struggle of detangling your hair every time wash day comes. I remember. Enter The Transition: Detangling Transitioning Hair With two hair types at play, getting it wrong can mean a mass of matted confusion.

Nikki says-- My hair gets matted every time I rock a rod set for too long wash day is usually horrendous unless I take extra precautions by. Matted hair can occur if the hair is not detangled. First, evaluate your current hair regimen. How often are you detangling your hair? Are you. I am currently transitioning, I haven't had a Relaxer in 6 months. I decided to Section your hair and detangle one by one section by section.