How can batman beat superman without kryptonite

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The plan worked, and Batman then bombarded Superman with Batman does use kryptonite innefectively in the fight and ultimately wins in. Psyched for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Make sure to check this out before the festivities!. The one canon battle they had, Batman was wearing a Kryptonite ring, Batman noted that hitting Superman too many times would shatter.

You're not completely wrong if you sat down to try and figure out the reason behind why Batman - a regular human being - would decide to fight. Obviously it goes without saying that this is a lopsided fight. in the Caped Crusader's favor. Here are 15 Ways Batman Could EASILY Kill Superman. out a berserk Superman being controlled by Brainiac with a Kryptonite. How do you kill Superman? Here are 15 Things That Could Kill Superman. There's a reason Batman has a backup supply of Kryptonite. him vulnerable to counter attacks he would normally sustain without hesitation.

Check out the embedded video below for Mr Sunday's list of five ways Batman could possibly beat Superman and be sure to share your own. Batman is actually given a kryptonite ring by Superman under the pretense that someone I want you to remember the one man who beat you!. Here's the top methods Batman could use to take down Superman, from the obvious (Kryptonite) to the obscure (Twizzlers?!).