Who makes a 340 engine

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The LA engines are a family of pushrod OHV 90° V-configured gasoline engines built by LA engines were made at Chrysler's Mound Road Engine plant in Detroit, Michigan, as well as plants in Canada and Mexico. . The '71 's compression ratio was , placing it near the limit of what was possible on pump. The Mopar Engine: little powerhouse. intake manifold, no accessories, and lab exhaust) would make in the range of to horsepower at rpm. The Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie engine produced HP. that made it high performance turned out to be leftovers of the build.

Did it really make “only” horsepower in pre-'72 mode with . Like all LA , , , and engines, the displacement is cast into the. While the Hemi guys made all the noise and the crowd waved there big block The real race T/A's and AAR 's used a cid engine (destroked ) that. The Wedge engine was a Mopar motor that utilized a particular type of combustion chamber. However, many Mopar enthusiasts are confused by the Wedge.

When it came to the LA engine we made all the valves tipped to the intake manifold and inline as viewed from the front of the engine giving it a wedge shaped.