When will fairy tail anime end

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There is a bit more of Hiro Mashima's anime left to come. Today, the creator confirmed on Twitter that the “final season” of Fairy Tail will have its. Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. . Manga Entertainment announced on Twitter that the company would release the anime series in bilingual format at the end of the year. The final season of FAIRY TAIL TV animation series will go on air from fall ! on and maybe it'll finally settle if Natsu and Lucy end up together. This also gives hope to fans of other anime like Bleach who have yet to.

First he revealed that the anime is planned to come back in the fall season, and the anime will cover until the end of the story. Also Mashima. I can't find the news article talking about it, but basically the anime was With the Fairy Tail manga about to end, will there will be a Fairy Tail. There's no perfect way to end a story as enduring and improvisational as Fairy Tail, but this conclusion should do a solid job of tying up loose ends. In the final.

Message of Fire is the th episode of the Fairy Tail anime, and the nd and Fairy Tail's absence in the tournament, however, before Lucy can respond, the Afterwards, as Happy tells Lucy while laughing, Natsu and Gildarts end up. Hiro Mashima sensei releases the following news on twitter which confirms that the final season of the fairy tail anime will go on air in