When to use specialised or specialized

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Is specialised spelled in British English whereas specialized is in American The Z spelling is quite widely used in Britain too (I often use it. Both are same words having the same meaning but different spellings. “Specialised” is British English spelling whereas “Specialized” is American English spelling. There are many other such kind of words having different spellings in American and British English. appropriate to an American readership. For British readers, 'specialise' is more conventional but American English is creeping into British usage more a. Which one is correct, specialised or specialized? 2, Views · What is the proper.

specialized definition: 1. relating to one particular area or designed for a particular UK usually specialised uk ​ /ˈspeʃ. əl.aɪzd/ us ​ /alibenyondesigns.comɪzd/. ​. Question about English (US) | Specialised (British English spelling). Specialized ( American English spelling).|They are the same word. Definition of specialized - requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training. specialized. (British specialised) . 'Using the Passive'. Which of.

Biology with object Adapt or set apart (an organ or part) to serve a special function or to suit a particular way of life. 'zooids specialized for different functions' . Specialize definition: If you specialize in a thing, you know a lot about it and past tense, past participle specialized regional note: in BRIT, also use specialise. Specialized definition: Someone or something that is specialized is trained or developed for a particular purpose. regional note: in BRIT, also use specialised . specialization, specialisation specialization(var), specialization. specialize, specialise specialize(var), specialize. specialty speciality(var), speciality, specialty.