What is the thunderbunny package

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The story began back in the early 80s with a man named bill neumann. bill founded the california based tuning firm automotive performance. Photo 1/2 | Volkswagen Thunder Bunny - First Look . By measuring power, acceleration and track times, you can see which package delivers. The original Thunder Bunny was built by Bill Neumann, founder of Neuspeed, back in At the time, the Volkswagen GTI wasn't sold in the.

I don't mind the paint, I feel like it doesn't scream race me because it's more artsy than tribal or flames or something. I like the total package and. Bone-stock Volkswagen 2-door black GTI equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, sunroof, and factory-option Thunderbunny. Nothing against TDI Cup owners, but that package looks soooo much better on the Bunny than it does on a Jetta. Good luck in your search, sir.

The Rabbit-based Volkswagen GTI hops into with the newly optional Thunderbunny Package, which includes sportier bodywork and exhaust tips. This is. When the original Thunder Bunny Golf GTI tuned by California The performance package was developed by APR, and includes a large.