What is stratify seeds

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In horticulture, stratification is a process of treating seeds to simulate natural conditions that the seeds must experience before germination can occur. Many seed. When it comes to seed germination, many people do not realize that some seeds require cold treatment in order for them to sprout properly. Learn how to easily cold stratify perennial and native wildflower seeds to help with quick, uniform germination for spring planting.

Sometimes seeds need a little help with germination. That's where stratification and scarification come in. Two big words for very simple. Th definition of cold moist stratification is to treat seeds by simulating the real- word conditions they receive outdoors inside a step by step. Stratification simulate the natural conditions that a seed must endure before germination. Some seeds are incomplete and require a further period to complete.

Definition of Cold Stratification: Pre-treating seeds (cold stratification) is a simple measure you can take which will break a seed's dormancy causing the seed to. It's not always so simple as just sticking seeds in the ground. Seed stratification techniques mimic winter conditions and prep seeds prior to planting. Stratification Definition - Stratification is actually the process of tricking seeds into thinking it is the right time of year to germinate. This is.