What is a wage continuation plan

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A salary continuation plan describes in writing, before any disability occurs, what an employer will do in the event an employee becomes disabled. With such a. A salary continuation plan is an agreement that outlines the way an employer will respond if an employee becomes disabled. The plan could specify various. A salary continuation plan is a corporate sponsored benefit generally designed to replace an executive's income in the event of his/her death, retirement or.

Salary continuance insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees you This type of continuation plan guarantees the employee will receive. may not have enough income at retirement. A nonqualified Salary Continuation Plan can provide a solution. What is a Nonqualified Salary Continuation Plan?. Salary Continuation Plans. Salary continuation plans are nonqualified plans specifically designed with a wide degree of flexibility. A salary continuation .

A salary continuation plan is a way for a company to provide a key executive or employee a means of generating income in future years, paid by the company. A salary continuation plan is an agreement whereby the employer agrees to continue the employee's salary at retirement, death or, in some cases, disability. DISABILITY INSURANCE IN BUSINESS PLANNING. ☆ WAGE / SALARY CONTINUATION PLANS. Part II. EVERY EMPLOYER IN AMERICA. NONQUALIFIED SALARY CONTINUATION PLANS: A. POWERFUL FRINGE BENEFIT FOR KEY EMPLOYEES. Every business has key employees -- people.