How to self inject depo provera

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This option exists. It's called subcutaneous Depo, or SubQ Depo for short. do an injection. Because it comes in a pre-filled syringe, ready to use, it can be self- injected at home. How to give yourself a SubQ Depo injection. Depo-SubQ Provera should not be given intramuscularly. Prepare the injection by. Women were willing and able to self-inject.2; Self-administration was easy and (HCP)-administered Sayana® Press or Depo-Provera® can require four or.

The self-administered group performed the first injection at the clinic under supervision, then received instructions and three doses for home. Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) is a form of birth control. It is an injection, or shot, that contains progestin. This is a natural. Injection sequence was either DMPA-SC for visit 1 and DMPA-IM for Visit .. acceptability of self-administration of subcutaneous Depo-Provera.

Of these women, 89% would want reminders of injection dates: For The acceptability of self-administration of subcutaneous Depo-Provera. The contraceptive injection lasts for eight, 12 or 13 weeks (depending on the type ) and The contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera, Sayana Press or Noristerat). future research needs regarding home and self- injection of depo-subQ in Uniject . The review provides background on injectable contraceptives, describes the.