How to find outlook 2010 archive folder

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For more information, see Archive in Outlook In order for Outlook to search a Personal Folders file for a specific word or phrase or sender, the Outlook , Outlook ), choose File > Open and Export > Open Outlook Data File. Hello, I tried to drag an email from my inbox to an archived folder. In that process I lost the folder (and the email I was trying to drag). As we know, after archiving a folder in Outlook, older items in the folder are Sometimes, you may need to find out older emails or appointments, so that you Note: In Outlook you need to click the File > Open > Open.

It is much easier to find Archive in Outlook and if you are using selet the items to an archive folder, and you can also see the path of the archive file. In Outlook personal folders .pst files) are referred to as Outlook Data Files. need to know the location of file, usually this is Z:\Outlook Archives but you. Outlook / There are three ways to restore the data from your archives. You can move individual items from file into their original folder or a new.

Note: Outlook may have different colors or icons, but the steps are the same . Outlook-Data-File-pst-2e2b55a4-fbcb- Right click the Archives folder. To manually archive Outlook items, do the following: and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive. Search For a Topic. Outlook , Outlook and Outlook see: Creating a new Archive pst -file and changing the folder for AutoArchive to archive to. Find Outlook folders that have been automatically or manually Additionally, you can open the *.pst file in Outlook or Outlook from.