How to draw stairs in revit 2010

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When creating a stair by sketch, you can sketch boundaries and risers instead of having Revit calculate the stair run automatically. This method. REVIT ARCHITECTURE TUTORIALS 05 – CURVED STAIRS ment This tutorial examines the process of creating curved stairs. I am not sure what information to include, or even what question to ask. However, when I randomly draw in a three run stair using the 'run'.

I have a 3 level stair (ground floor, first floor, second floor) that I do not know how to create. I don't know whether to draw this as a multi level stair? Join Date: December 9, ; Location: Dallas, TX; Posts: 5,; Current. Since they revamped the stair tools in Revit and tweaked them Sadly the Stair by Sketch method of creating stairs is not recognized by. The Revit version certainly provides a more flexible multistory stair, especially regarding varying level heights. Multistory Stairs in Revit.