How to catch air on a skateboard

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How to Do an Air on a Skateboard. Get the correct foot positioning. When you get up into the air a little, lift your legs up towards your chest to get higher up in. Description. Skateboarder Brian Tucci demonstrates how to do an Air on a skateboard. 3. How to Drop Into a Ramp on a Skateboard. 4. Anyway, How the heck do you catch air off launch ramps/transfer from one ramp to another/launch out of bowls? I've tried it serveral times and I.

just registered. im scott hi. lol. i been skateboarding since 7 years old im 19 now. i quit skateing when i was but now im getting back into it. The name "vert" is short for "vertical" - the art of riding skateboards on truly vertical walls. This is something you don't get to on mini ramps and. Aerials (or more commonly airs) are a type of skateboarding trick usually performed on Bucky Lasek has landed an indy grab forward to fakie backside variation, while Mike Callahan, a former pro from Chicago, has been Frontside Air, Likely the first aerial to be done on a skateboard, as it is one of the easiest to learn.