Changing from soy formula to whole milk

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How do you make the transition from soy formula to whole milk? My son knows the difference—he's 13 months old and I guess the taste is different. Any ideas to . My daughter is 13 months old and has eczema, which is under control. She is currently drinking soy formula mixed with whole milk, while I try to wean her off. I know it's not time to switch yet,but what have you done with a baby who got sick on milk based formula? Do I just try the whole milk and see if.

A toddler formula is a good alternative if your toddler isn't able to drink whole milk , since they are available in soy and elemental formulations. Transition from SOY formula to whole milk. Both of them stayed on Soy milk until 18 m.o. where I tried to switch to Cows milk without any. My son has been on Soy Formula since he was very colicky at one month, now the doctor told me I can slowly start to switch him to Whole milk.

She said that she has seen many kids who were on soy based formula do well on whole milk. I am going to bring it up again at his 9 month appt. Soy milk can be given to children at one year of age, however, Begin by replacing 8 oz., or one cup of formula with whole milk each day in a.