One Year Anniversary

Can you believe we’ve been back in the UK for a whole year!? I can’t! It’s really, really flown. So much has happened and so many emotions have been felt; from tears at the school gate, which have lasted a little longer than expected, to moving house, meeting up with old friends and for my eldest child, saying goodbye to Primary School and preparing for the next stage in her life – High School. It’s certainly been a mad, hectic and very emotional year.

The kids have worked so, so hard (new school, new friends, new routines, SATS, preparing for high school and more. Aren’t kids amazing?!). We’ve been worried if it will all turn out ok, I’ve had a few rather stressful periods with work, almost handing in the towel and seriously going to find a “proper” job on two occasions, there have been tears and  tantrums (me!), we’ve climbed a few big hills (literally), been camping, exhibited at many different markets and events, got tiddly with old friends, swam in the cold, cold sea (wet suits are super cheap over here!) and holidayed in my most favourite place in the world, Cornwall.

But what we have achieved in one year is quite phenomenal and I am so proud of us all for staying strong through a rather tough old year.

Now we’ve been here a year we realised it was about time we started to lay down soon roots and that means starting a few renovations on the house. We’ve decided to start with the dining/family room which at the moment is a bit of a walk through room to the kitchen. I want a real seaside/Cornish feel to this room, one where we can relax, eat, read, have friends over, do homework, a real multi functional room. I’ve been slowly putting together a few items and love the feel that is coming together already. The floor boards are being fitted this week, so it’s all getting quite exciting!

unnamed-23 copy 3

I’ve also recently moved into my new “hyde’ or rather home office which I feel will be a huge turning point for my business. It’s been put to the test already this week and has proven to be a fantastic location for all my product photography as I have light coming in from two directional windows, which is perfect for the look I’m trying to achieve.

So at the moment, as well as enjoying the summer holidays with the kids, I’m very slowly putting my product photography together. I have so many products and each product needs at least three shots to show it off to its best. So it’s just a case of head down and work through things super slowly!

Here are a few of my favourite shots I’ve taken over the weekend..

unnamed-26 copy

unnamed-7 copy 2






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