Well it’s been an emotional June and I’m feeling rather exhausted. My computer totally crashed on me earlier in the month, leaving with me with a huge lesson to learn….back up, back up, back up!!!

Yes, for three whole weeks, I really did think that I had lost about six months work. I was devastated as you can imagine and was really ready to throw in the towel. So I took a little break, went on holiday to stunning Cornwall with my family and came back (slightly) refreshed. Pic taken of my gorgeous girls by my Hubby – Benyons Corner


When I returned, I started looking for “real” jobs and actually filled out a couple of application forms. By this point I hadn’t touched any design work for about four whole weeks and in all honesty, it was killing me! I knew that I had to get back behind the wheel and start designing again. So slowly but surely I have started to draw, design  and think in a creative way again. (It never went away really, no matter how much I tried and I really did try, honest!)

Ana-Owl-WebsiteAna-HippoScarlett-Website Maria-WebsiteStripey-Hippo-Website Funky-Owl

Some new card designs I’ve been designing. There will be 20 new card designs coming very soon!

So it was back to it.

But then we had the news of the referendum outcome on Friday and that has sent me reeling once again. I don’t usually get political, but I, like many Brits am feeling depressed, upset, angry and rather deflated right now. The creative in me has disappeared once again, but I’m sure she’ll pop her head out again soon.

As I get older I’m learning to listen to my body; to not just go at life like a bull in a China shop, but to slow down, smell the roses, put my feet up when it feels good to do so and not feel guilty about it….I’ve learnt that and also to….. BACK UP, back up, back up!! LOL!


Upcoming Events. Come and see me at – 


Rode Hall Farmers Market- Saturday 2nd July

Leek Sunday Supplement- Sunday 3rd July

Nantwich Brocante Market- Saturday 6th August





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