Country Living Fair

A busy week this week for me. I headed off to London with an old college friend (We hadn’t seen each other in 24 years. It was mad!!) to see the Country Living Magazine Fair in Islington.

I have been offered a spot at their Christmas Harrogate Fair in November, so thought I’d better start thinking about my stand, how I am going to dress it and how much product I should plan on taking. It’s all a bit daunting when you have never done anything like this before, so I thought I’d better start “thinking on” (One of my Grans old sayings!)


It was a fabulous fair and we met some really lovely and friendly designers there. It’s always a bit awkward when you are chatting away and they realise that you aren’t a customer, but actually there to get ideas, inspiration and ask a squillion and one questions. But the majority we met were really open and honest about showing at such a prestigious event.


They also had some great business talks on starting a craft business, getting into shops and general chit chat on making it in the “selling your craft” arena. It actually felt quite nice to hear of others, that you thought were successful, but were in fact actually going through the same things as you; lack of confidence, trying to get their wholesale price down, but keep everything 100% British made. The list goes on and on…..


So now I feel a lot less daunted, I have some strong, but simple ideas for my stand and clear path for the next few months of planning! A successful trip all round I think.


One of the business talks with Liz Earle.


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