Getting Fresh and Retro

January was all about looking at potential trade shows for next year and finding new suppliers, testing new product samples and basically banging out  numbers on the calculator. Not my favourite of tasks.

But February is all about designing. Designing away to my hearts content. Learning new skills and techniques as I go and trying to enjoy it and not think constantly about what it’s for, the end product and the whole “will it sell” mentality! Something I do a LOT!

So here are a few I’ve been working on this week. Very retro, but a design style I love and have always wanted to create. But thinking it’s been done so many times before, I strayed away. Not anymore, I’m just going to do it ‘cos I love it!! Here is my new collection, Fresh.

FRESH_Meadow Fresh FRESH_Happy-Flowers Fresh-Retro-4-1000pix FRESH_Daisy FRESH_Buttercup


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